You are worth it!

I am worth it. I invest in myself. DoodleKid cradling self, smiling.


What is the response in your body when you read these words? “I am worth it. I invest in myself.” If you are like me, your system squirmed because you don’t fully believe you are worth it. Most of us have difficulty staying grounded in our center and comfortably and honestly claiming “I am worth it. I invest in myself.”

I certainly fall in the majority on this. Last summer when I started sharing my DoodleKids drawings with people, the response was overwhelmingly positive. People shared stories about the difference that my drawings made in their lives and they encouraged me to keep creating them and to share them more broadly.

I am committed to making a difference. But I had no idea how to do it. I reminded myself that I don’t have to have it all planned out from the beginning. Be in motion and just keep focusing on one step at a time. I started with a simple step – changing my business name (from Spirit Hands Massage Therapy to Create. Thrive. Grow.) to create space for DoodleKids to expand into.

But after this I froze. My inner critics were having a huge party. They screamed about how I can’t draw very well, about what do I know about encouraging, empowering and inspiring people, and about how I’m clueless about how to reach the people who would really benefit from what I have to offer. These inner critics had almost convinced me this was all a big mistake.

Luckily alongside my inner critics, my inner wise self also had an important message. I can do anything and learn anything I put my mind to. It doesn’t matter if there are things I find difficult to draw. I can practice and learn. It doesn’t matter if there are technical computer things I do not know how to do. I can take classes or find people that know more than I do and have them take these things on. It doesn’t matter if I have never published a book, or developed an online store or built a large mailing list. If I let my inner critics win, I will be denying the world the unique gift that I have to offer. I will not be able to make a difference for the people whom I am meant to help. My inner wise self also reminded me that I am a worthy investment. I can learn all I need to know. People will be there along the way to support me.

This is when I created this drawing. Now when I start to feel small and contracted and when the self doubt creeps back in, the drawing helps me to remember that I am worth it. I remember the little girl’s peace and compassion. I hold myself gently and surround myself with people who love and support me.

The next piece I added was the following affirmation. Try starting each day with looking at the drawing and saying the affirmation out loud. Give it a try for a week and then check back in with yourself. Do you feel more open and expansive? If yes, I invite you to join me in using these as a regular reminder that you are worth it. I’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments below or at

Today anything is possible.
Today I embrace my dreams.
Today I give myself permission to pause.
I touch my deep inner calm.
I feel the life force energy fill me.
I am a stable tree, with roots deep into the ground.
I am flexible, like bamboo blowing in the wind.
I am surrounded by abundance and possibility.
I notice when I expand and when I contract.
I flow with challenges, like water flowing around a rock.
I cradle my fears with compassion.
I allow myself to let go.
I listen to the clarity deep inside.
I ask what there is for me to learn from each moment.
I keep showing up no matter what.
I take little step after little step.
I am worth it.
I invest in myself.