Why Intuitive Support

photo of hand holding clear ball with person holding balloon rising up out of it
credit: h. koppdelaney, flickr.com

Intuitive support sessions allow you to experience a deeply compassionate, safe space in which to heal from within. Sessions may include dialog, meditative silence and guided energy work.

Intuitive support centers on Pause – that quiet place where everything slows down, the chatter stops and an opening is created through which things can surface.

Intuitive support defies neatly fitting in a box, so it is not possible to create a simple bullet point list that describes what it is. You may seek intuitive support to clarify a situation, to reveal your blind spots, to break free from negative patterns, to release the past, and/or to let go of fear, anger or sadness. As such shifts occur within, you’ll gain a sense of discovery, resolution, and relief. Alternatively, you may seek intuitive support to inspire, to create, to see possibilities, to find gratitude and joy, to cultivate openings, to explore freedom.

Healing, insight and empowerment offered during intuitive support sessions provide you with an opportunity to generate peace within yourself, your relationships, and your way of living in the world. Heather will support you to recognize your unique gifts, to dissolve limiting behavior patterns, and to increase your awareness of being connected and grounded to help you move beyond restrictions.

Suspend your expectations. Embrace the sweet space. See what happens. Expect the unexpected. Truly anything is possible.