Waking Up

milkweed sketch

We got our first taste of spring weather on my birthday last Friday. To celebrate I went hiking and had a picnic lunch at Donald County Park with my wife, daughters, and dogs.

I could feel the landscape around me waking up. No green shoots yet. But the milkweed danced playfully in the spring winds, and made interesting texture and shadow patterns in the warm, spring sun. The bright blue spring sky seemed to bring the still sleeping, bare tree branches to life. bare branch tree with blue spring sky

The mud squished under our feet. The stream gurgled with spring melt. Red-winged blackbirds and Killdeer happily announced their return from warmer places. And we saw our first of year butterfly, bee and cricket.

In shady spots, snow patches reminded us that winter hasn’t completely let go of its grip. But overall the land shouted out loud and clear that winter won’t last forever. The landscape is waking up and coming back to life.

What signs of waking up have you noticed lately?