Untying Life’s Knots

drawing of DoodleKid trying to untie a knotWith all the cold weather lately, it has been definite scarf weather. The fringe on one of my scarves got seriously tangled. It took about a half hour and lots of patience to restore it to its untangled state. As I carefully pulled at first this strand and then that one, assessing if I was making the tangle worse or better, I remembered a blog post I had posted a couple of years ago about untying life’s knots. I found it and reread it, appreciating the reminders. I drew a new DoodleKid drawing to accompany it, and re-post the text here.

“If you want to untie a knot,
you must look at the cord carefully
and gently undo the tangle.
Yanking the cord will only
make the knot tighter.”
-Thomas Hanna

Knots are the suffering, discomfort, unpleasantness, fear, etc we feel. We experience muscle tension and pain. We feel stressed and anxious. We don’t sleep well. Sometimes our immune systems are compromised.

Bodywork, intuitive support and raindrop therapy can play valuable roles in helping you to “look at the cord and gently undo the tangle.” When we manage to untie the knots in our life, we experience greater peace, we feel joy and hope, and we feel greater comfort in our bodies.

If you slide your hand along a rope and then come up against a knot, the knot disrupts your smooth flow. Depending on the size of the knot, your hand might just be jerked around a bit, or it might be stopped completely. So, just as with life, a bigger knot usually means more tangled, more disruption. And just as with life, the more attentive we are and the more skills we have for tending to the rope, the less likely it is that the rope will get tangled and knotted, and when it does get tangled, it generally will be less messy. Regular massage, intuitive support and/or raindrop therapy sessions are ways that you can be attentive and develop skills to untangle your knots and keeping new knots from getting out of control.

It is common knowledge that with a knot if we simply yank the cord, the knot will simply get tighter. The life equivalent of yanking the cord is things like acting out of anger or revenge. Sometimes though life’s knots can prove much more subtle – thought and behavior patterns that are so habitual that we do them unconsciously. They are like blind spots to us. Each time we repeat the pattern, it reinforces it, tightening the knot. Regular massage, intuitive support and/or raindrop therapy sessions can help you to be more aware of your patterns, and to develop skills to help you untangle the knots rather than yanking them tighter.

If you are reading this, you have likely reached a point in your life where you have ‘knots’ that are impacting your life in ways you do not like, and you want relief. Like a caterpillar awakening into a butterfly, you too are ready to awaken and move along on your path toward vibrant health.

In my work with you, I empower you along your path to vibrant health in many ways.

  • I embrace your participation in your wellness
  • I approach your wellness holistically in a safe and supportive environment
  • I listen to you with compassion
  • I radiate a grounded, mindful, intuitive presence
  • I facilitate releasing tension and stagnancy
  • I cultivate an awareness of mind-body connections
  • I nurture attitudes and behaviors that support transformation and clarity
  • I inspire consistent dedication to your intentions

Through massage and raindrop therapies, I can help you to:

  • manage stress
  • relax
  • live with greater physical comfort
  • decrease pain
  • keep headaches at bay
  • flush toxins from your body
  • support your immune system

Through intuitive support, I can empower you to:

  • recognize emotions and how they manifest in your body
  • shift thought and behavior patters to promote healing from within
  • develop mindfulness skills
  • cultivate an understanding of the interplay between feelings, needs and requests
  • transform confusion into clarity
  • release the past
  • let go of fear, anger, sadness
  • heal from traumatic experiences.

You can untie the knots in your life. You are on a path toward vibrant health. Contact me to learn more about how we can work together to pursue your intentions.