Trust the Path and You Will Fly



Like most of us, I have spent much of my life wanting to be able to plan out my life and know what to expect. The fewer the surprises the better.

Only more recently have I come to understand and embrace Tama Kieves’ comment: “You can’t plan an inspired life.”

When we try to control and plan our lives with great rigidity, usually we are seeking to be comforted by predictability. However, even best laid plans don’t always unfold as hoped. When this happens it can look like life is throwing us a detour. But if we open ourselves to an inspired life over a predictable life, we open ourselves to possibilities that we may not have imagined and we are able to see that this detour may turn out to be the source of a critical lesson without which it would be possible to reach the top of the mountain and fly.

Trust the path and you will fly.

In what ways are you trying to control your life, but in so doing you are limiting your possibilities?