Thoughts on Receiving a Massage

grassy meadow at Donald County ParkThe following are some thoughts that will help you get the most out of your massage therapy session. They will also help to give you an idea about who I am and how I approach massage therapy.

Permission to Pause

There is nothing you have to accomplish during your massage therapy session.  Give yourself permission to pause.

Open Yourself to Receive

Allow yourself to feel the stillness. Let my hands move your limbs—be a rag doll. Don’t try to be helpful; simply be held. As you sink into stillness, I invite you to open yourself to receive and trust the safe space offered during your massage therapy session.

Mindful Voice

Before you speak, I invite you to ask yourself whether what you are about to say serves your intentions for your massage. It is easier to pay attention to what you are experiencing during your massage when you are silent. Sometimes you will have thoughts or experience sensations in your body that are valuable to share as an integral part of your massage. And of course I encourage you to speak up if anything feels uncomfortable, or if you would like something done differently. Sometimes, however, speaking can be distracting.

Allow your Eyes to Close

Closing your eyes during your massage therapy session tends to bring your center of attention out of your head and into your body. See with your sense of touch. Feel your body inside and out.

Practice noticing Your Body

Breathe deeply and regularly, stressing the exhalation. Allow your body to sink into the table. Feel your body get heavier with each exhalation. Imagine your muscles softening. This is what letting go feels like in your body.

Observe your Thoughts

There is nothing wrong with monkey mind. It’s what you do with your thoughts that will influence stress or relaxation. If you notice your mind racing, gently bring your attention to your breath or my touch. Allow your thoughts to come and go like waves in the ocean or clouds crossing the sky. Simply observe your thoughts and let them be.

Honor your Emotions

Sometimes during a massage therapy session, emotions rise to the surface. You are invited to give them expression. You will benefit greatly if you can allow this part of you to be fully present, feeling supported and held.