Today I jump for joy and say thanks - drawing by Heather Hawk Maxwell

So often we greet each other ‘how are you?’ and we respond ‘fine’ or ‘good’ no matter what, whether or not it is really true, because it is easiest and what is expected. As a result for the most part the question and the answer have lost meaning. Sometimes on a bad day I will take the easy way out and answer the expected answer. Other times, I will take the question seriously and give an honest answer and share that I am sad, or struggling, or overwhelmed, or feeling small. Sometimes people don’t even notice my answer, sometimes they are uncomfortable, sometimes they really hear me and offer the support I am craving in that moment. Those that don’t notice are so far lost in unconsciousness that nothing will jerk them awake. For the others though, this otherwise unconscious moment shifted toward meaning and authenticity.

Thanksgiving can be similar. It is a known as a day we reflect on what we are thankful for. I believe that all too often we spit back family, friends, food and a place to live without really thinking about it. It has lost its meaning in the same way that ‘how are you?’ has. I am indeed truly grateful for these things, but I decided to let my inner child speak up and offer you an incomplete, random, unconventional list.

I am grateful for bright colors, fuzzy blankets, opportunities to play, second chances, cheerful birds, sweet smelling flowers, the courage to show up, chocolate and ice cream, the quietness of snowfall, the smell of pine needles, snuggles, sunny days, art, bouncy balls.

However your Thanksgiving unfolds today, may it be filled with authenticity. Blessings.


If you like the drawing included with this post, you may be interested to know that it is available as a greeting card. It is available at our upcoming art fairs and we will be posting it soon on our Etsy shop.