RelaxingDrawing: Happiness lurks in soft places.

“My massages at Create Thrive Grow are exquisite. Heather is an artist.”
~JSB, computer expert

“My body sings after Heather works on me.”
~BH, gardener

“I have had many great massages, but Heather has a unique style. She truly integrates mind, body and spirit into a healing session.”
~LK, massage therapist (15 yrs) & massage instructor (10 yrs)

“My back hasn’t felt this good in years.”
~JG, designer

“My trips to Heather are a blissful relief from pain. She has given me my life back.”
~LF, artist

“Heather has guided me on the path to a healthier body and a more balanced life.”
~HK, writer

“Heather’s warm personality helps me feel safe and comfortable. I leave feeling restful and at peace.”
~KJ, student

“Heather has helped me to develop greater awareness of my body, energy and emotions. I apply these new skills daily to bring ease and comfort in my life.”
~CS, mom

“Heather has an intuitive feel and gift for healing.”
~BP, engineer

“Heather incorporates my needs into each massage. She is informed, educated and cares about the unique individual.”
~LG, dancer

“Heather is fantastic at getting deep into my muscles and targeting areas that I hadn’t even recognized as problem areas.”
~HS, lawyer