mandala by Heather Maxwell

Stillness comes more easily in the winter when things are frozen and not moving. There seem to be fewer distractions. It is a natural season of reflection. I’m even more aware of it after the warmer weather this past weekend when things were thawing out and coming back to life. Snow was melting and water was running everywhere. Squirrels were enthusiastically chasing each other all over the place. The birds were loudly busy establishing territories. It felt good to walk in mud and not need to wear so many layers to stay warm. The part of me that wants to “do, do, do” was re-awoken. I was so excited by doing, that stillness unconsciously slipped away. I am reminded that stillness is still important as spring approaches. And I am reminded that as distractions increase, staying connected with stillness requires an additional level of intentionality.

What lessons do you hear as you sink into stillness?

Breathing in I sink into stillness.

Breathing out I listen to the lessons in all that surrounds me.


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