Spring IS Coming

sketches of goldfinch, junco, chickadee

In Wisconsin, this is the time of year that even those people who love winter start to long for spring. The snow banks along the roads are black. Any urge we may have had to shovel has long since past. We have typically had a brief January thaw, waking our memories of warm weather.

It is precisely this time of year that I turn to the birds to get me through. You see, for the birds (some of them anyway) spring is already here. The chickadees, cardinals and house finches have started their spring territory calls. The mallards and the woodpeckers are doing their mating dances. Some owls are already on their nests. The goldfinches are starting to turn brighter yellow again.

There is so much to notice, so much to see, so much to hear. Changes are happening constantly all around us. With all this going on, who has time be down about the lingering snow, cold and cloudy days?