Sinking into the Darkness

 And the day came when

she sank into the darkness. 

She allowed herself to be

wrapped into its soft embrace. 

Here in the stillness

she healed and rejuvenated. 

Only when she was ready,

did she emerge back into the light

where the colors were more

vibrant than ever. 
So often we approach the short days of winter with dread. We push them away insisting they do nothing but make us cranky and tired. I have been known to fall into this trap. It’s an easy thing to do given we live in a culture that does not allow for ebb and flow. Instead we are expected to keep the same schedule year round, completely divorced from the natural world and its cycles. 

If instead we honor the darkness and allow ourselves to pause, we will discover the darkness’ soft embrace and her ability to heal and rejuvenate. And of course when we are healthy and well rested, we feel whole and complete. Life is vibrant and full of brilliant color. 

May you experience the stillness held within the dark. And, when you are ready, may you emerge healed and rejuvenated. Let it be so.