Signs of Spring

Pen and watercolor sketch journal page

We explored Cherokee Marsh yesterday looking for signs of spring. Some of the water was open and populated not only with the usual suspects, but also more interesting things like pintails, wigeons, shovelers and greater white fronted geese. All new birds for our daughter, Josephine, so it was fun to witness her response to the long pointy tails, the white Mohawk, the long bills, and the pink beaks set off with the white on the face. She thought the ducks and geese were pretty cool, but according to her our excitement about seeing our first of year turkey vulture flying over the prairie was a bit over the top. How a turkey vulture could be exciting baffled her teenage brain. Our response – it is another sign of spring arriving. That is an excitement she can understand, although she was still a bit dubious about the thrill of a turkey vulture.

I’m trying to get back into sketching and illustrated journaling. These are my sketches of the landscape and Josephine and Heather viewing the ducks with their binoculars.