Remember to Ask!

ask for and receive miracles doodleThis month I am participating in the Unstarving Artist Academy, run by Molly Hahn, creator of Buddha Doodles.

Today I listened to a masterclass by SARK. I love how she brings out my colorful and playful side. This is my doodle about being reminded to ask God/Universe for help. Yesterday I listened to another masterclass by Zhena Muzyka, which touched on a similar reminder. Zhena talked about how when we are caught up in worry and anxiety, we are trapped in a bubble where nothing can get in. However, when we ask for help, this bubble opens up and possibilities show themselves.

The trick is remembering to ask when we are caught up in these moments. This doodle is a good visual reminder for me.

When recently have you found yourself in a stressful or confusing situation and tried to rely totally on yourself for answers to get through? How might your experience have shifted and felt more expansive had you asked the Universe or God for help?