Perfectly Imperfect

Mandala in progress by Heather Hawk Maxwell

I currently have several works in progress. I am reflecting on the idea of perfectly imperfect as I work on this one. I have been walking in prairies a lot lately soaking up the beauty of coneflowers, lupine, quinine, hyssop, coreopsis, sunflowers and so many others splashing white, yellow and purple in big splashes across the landscape. As I look closely at the plants, I notice an extra leaf here and a missing petal there. Yet it’s all beautiful and all perfect. But I know if I were trying to draw or paint any of these plants my inner critics would do their best to have a field day ripping me apart if I either missed or added extra petals or leaves. Hmmmm…

In what ways are you critical of yourself where you aren’t critical of nature or other people?