Nurturing Seedlings

mandala and meditation by Heather Maxwell

Like the center of a sunflower, our heart contains many seeds. Some seeds contain areas for potential growth related to emotions, habits and behaviors. Other seeds house ideas for projects or life directions.

Within each seed, the matter is undifferentiated and undeveloped. There is an essence of potential, but in order to grow and develop, the seed needs to be in the right conditions. It needs nutrients from the soil, water, warmth, and once it emerges from the ground it needs light. Too much or too little of any of these and the seed will not thrive.

When these seeds refer to our emotions, projects or life directions, they are very much like baby birds. They not only need careful nurturing, there will be a certain amount of stumbling as they grow and develop and learn to fly.

What seeds are in your heart waiting to be nurtured like a baby bird?

Breathing In I awaken to the seedlings in my heart.

Breathing Out I nurture them like baby birds.


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