No Words Can Make It All Better

Mandala by Heather Hawk Maxwell

One of my clients had to put her dear cat down and lost one of her closest friends to cancer all in the same week. The grief is raw.

She is a wise woman and came right away for a massage to support her body. But there is nothing that I or anyone else can say that will make the pain go away. Although there are no words to make it all better, I wanted her to know that I am here and I care, so I made her the above card. I am also working on a “we” version of this card for couples/families to be able to give.

Here is a short time-lapse video showing me drawing the card.


Perhaps you know someone who is experiencing grief as part of a big life transition, whether death, job loss, medical crisis, or other difficult circumstances. Copies of this card are available through our Etsy shop, at our upcoming events, or if you are in Madison, WI directly through us – for more information.