Multitudes of Mandalas #10 – Gifts flowing into the world

Mandala and Meditation by Heather Maxwell

My heart has been ripped wide open this week. First by Skylar Lee’s death (a trans student at my kids’ high school who committed suicide), and then the death of the people in the community college shooting in Oregon.

I am filled with sadness, anger and grief. I am sickened that we keep losing trans youth to suicide. I am angry that there have been nearly 300 shootings this year already where at least four people have been killed or injured. I grieve the talent and contributions to making the world a better place that we will never know as a result of young lives cut short.

I am also filled with love, compassion, and gratitude. I am more committed than ever to connecting with people deeply and letting them know they are loved and that they matter. I feel deep compassion for the people who lost loved ones this week. And I am grateful for all the joy and beauty that surrounds me, and even for the opportunity to work through life’s hard stuff.

In the midst of the sadness, anger, grief, love, compassion and gratitude, I remember the importance of coming back to my breath. And I remember everything starts with caring for myself so that I can then care fore others.

Breathing In
I tend the garden in my heart
Breathing Out
My gifts flow out into the world