Multitude of Mandalas #8 – Babbling Brook

Breathing In I flow like a babbling brook, Breathing out I am free

A couple of years ago, I got to explore the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee. I fell in love with the lush green forests and the rushing mountain streams. I could sit next to those streams listening to the rushing water forever. The longer I listened, the more I could feel the water working its magic on me. I felt the water’s flow wearing away at stuck places inside me. Gradually, as my hardened bits softened and were carried away by the flow of the current, I felt lighter and more free.

Reconnecting with this feeling is just one breath away. Breathing in, I flow like a babbling brook. Breathing out, I am free.


If this mandala and breath meditation speak to you, you can have a copy of your own as a blank greeting card, and as a matted and/or framed art print 8×10, 12×12, or 16×20. For more information, contact Heather.

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