Mandala #4 – Ride the Waves

Mandala by Heather MaxwellDo you have a junk drawer in your house? If yours is like mine, random things get stuffed in there over time until nothing more can possibly fit. Before even more more tiny item can fit in, we have to face the reality that first we need to clear out the old junk we don’t really need in order to make space for new things.

Our inner self is similar. So often little nagging things happen to us that we ignore or “shove under the rug”. We often convince ourselves that these things are gone, but really they are just shoved in our internal junk drawer. Only when we consciously let go do they truly disappear and clear space that we can fill with other things. When we do this, we literally feel lighter, like we are riding on the waves.

When you breath out, try letting go and feel your worries, stresses, anger, etc flow out of you and sink down into the ground. When you breath in, imagine yourself riding on the top of a big wave and notice how light you feel.

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