Inner Compass

Mandala by Heather Maxwell

This has been a fun mandala to work on. I had no idea where it was going when I started. The words ‘inner compass’ dropped in fairly early on.

This piece I inked first and then added color. Here is the mandala before coloring. I love how different they feel with and without color and I love playing with the control of the black and white contrasted with free flowing color.

Mandala by Heather Maxwell

Our inner compass is that inner knowing that guides us through our days. It helps us make decisions that are in alignment with what is best for us. It helps us know when to say yes and when to say no. It helps us to recognize when we are acting out of fear and when we are holding back to keep us safe.

This week my inner compass has been getting a workout. We are in the early stages of thinking ahead to downsizing when we are empty nesters. We look forward to less house and yard to maintain and we would love to live next to a natural area. We have started putting some feelers out and a couple days ago we were surprised to get a big bite already.

So much about the house seemed perfect. Backed up to Owen woods, space for kids when they come home to visit, an awesome studio space, good space for my massage treatment room, a garden full of native plants and even a pond with a waterfall. But then we learned the house has had issues with water in the past. They have solved much of the root causes. Emotions got involved because we loved the house. So we convinced ourselves maybe mold wasn’t an issue. We convinced ourselves that we should do testing and maybe this would say everything is ok.

Our thoughts became obsessive. Sleep was disrupted. I recognized the torn feelings but I lacked clarity. My inner compass was not pointing in a definite direction. So, I took a break and went for a walk.

I kept finding small fluffy flexible feathers. One caught the wind as I held it and it vibrated back and forth in my hand. I wasn’t sure about in what way my compass guiding me to be flexible, but as I focused on the feathers I felt a space grow between my emotions and my thinking about the possible house.

Land with that separation, the universe sent the information that gave me clarity. No need to waste time or money with testing. It wasn’t the answer I wanted but it was the right answer. There is undoubtedly mold. My inner compass pointed with clarity toward walk away, and so we did.

It was disappointing, but with the clarity of my inner compass we were able to walk away without struggle. We learned a lot and are better prepared for when the next possibility comes along.

How are you exercising your inner compass this week?


This original watercolor with pen & ink will be available for purchase at my booth at the Art in the Millpark in Paoli on August 13. Hope to see you there!