How to Feel Connected

DoodleKids connected holding hands


Sometimes I feel isolated and lonely. It’s easy for these moments to balloon into ‘nobody cares’ or ‘I don’t matter’ or ‘I don’t have any friends.’ My inner wise self knows these things aren’t true. But my inner critics rapidly declare a field day when even a hint of isolation or loneliness.

Here’s a fast and easy way to shush your inner critics and prove them wrong. Simply take a couple of minutes to scroll through your email, phone and/or Facebook contacts. Doing this is a great reminder about wonderful, caring people with whom we have not been in contact recently. It’s that whole out of sight out of mind thing.

Ready for even more connection? Try one or more of the following:

Choose one person to invite to get together with this week

Post ‘Thinking of you today’ on one friend’s timeline on Facebook

Write a note or draw a doodle to send to one person

Call one friend to just say ‘hi’

Now how do you feel? I would love to hear about what you chose to do and about how it shifted your experience.

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