How to Develop a Happiness Habit

100 Happy Days


Just like anything we do regularly, happiness is a habit. To be really successful at it, happiness doesn’t just happen. Instead it is cultivated through conscious attention and practice. The happy moments are always there. We just aren’t always so good at noticing and paying attention to them. Most of have lots of practice focusing on and remembering negative things, whereas our positivity skills could use some further development.

I have initiated a new practice in my life directed at exactly this. It is quick, easy and fun in order to maximize my chances for success. My wife and my kids are all excited about it and have joined me. I invite you to join me too.

The practice is this: each day for the next 100 days notice at least one moment each day when you are happy. The moment might be small and ordinary like the taste of the chocolate you had for dessert, or as big and extraordinary as landing a big contract or getting married.

Next document what you notice in a way that inspires you – whether it be a quick photo on your phone, drawing a doodle,  jotting down a couple of words, creating a video, singing a song – whatever works for you. Collect them all in one place, so you can look back at them as a group and remember your happy moments.

Share them or keep them special just for you. Our family is sharing ours at dinner each evening. I am drawing my happy moments each day and will be sharing them here with you too.

It’s part of my commitment to creating a joy-filled life, thriving even through storms, and growing my dreams. Research has shown that if you do something for 100 days in a row, that practice will become habit. Also, I haven’t suggested to notice 10 or even three things each day, and I am not suggesting a professional photograph, an detailed drawing or a full essay. Simply notice ONE thing and make the documentation quick and simple. I want to set myself and you up to succeed!

Will you join me? When is a moment in which you have been happy today?


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