Heather Hawk Maxwell

Heather Maxwell

Envision a life filled with ease, joy, and vibrant color…

Sometimes the best things in life begin with a frightening sense of freefall. I’ve experienced dramatic transformations many times in life, and I seek to weave all of the resilience and spirituality I’ve gained into my work. Through difficult experiences, I’ve held onto the mantra: “I rest myself in the hands of the universe.” I’ve gained strength and insight through each experience, and that is what I’d like to share when supporting clients through massage, and by sharing my art.

Healing, massage and art go hand in hand

To me, healing is about experiencing comfort, ease and peace in both our body and emotions. My love of massage and art grew alongside other healing, self-nurturing pursuits such as labyrinth walking, meditation, qi gong, hiking, birding, and journaling. 
When I started receiving massages just before my second daughter was born, I was immediately drawn to the power that bodywork had not only to bring comfort to my body, but also to manage my emotions. It was this transformational experience that led me to want to become a massage therapist and help others.
I have always loved looking at art. But, like many people, I was discouraged from pursuing art beyond the classes everyone took during elementary school. However, recently, my inner intuitive work was screaming for visual images. It was my own inner work and therefore required my own images rather than anybody else’s. And so began my work to being willing to show up and create. I started with an ordinary pen, making very simple sketches. Eventually, as I gained comfort, interest and confidence, I explored artists pens, digital coloring, and eventually watercolors.
At first, I created only for myself and my own healing, but soon clients and friends were drawn to my work. They wanted copies to support their own healing, and they encouraged me to share my art with the world. As a result, I have published two books of my work ( Free Flow and Multitudes of Mandalas), and I sell my art at fairs and Tuvalu Coffeehouse and Gallery in Verona.
Why do I create? It soothes and calms me. It inspires me. It shows me insights about myself. It leads me to mindfulness and brings me joy. It feeds my inner child and my adult curiosity. In short, it heals me.

Fine Print about My Massage Training…

I am a nationally certified (#565391-08) and Wisconsin licensed (#4518-146) massage therapist. I have owned and operated Create Thrive Grow since September 2008. I graduated from Blue Sky School of Professional Massage and Therapeutic Bodywork in Madison, WI in 2008. My training integrated many approaches to massage, including Swedish, neuromuscular therapy, jin shin do (acupressure), lomi lomi, and reiki.
I also completed the Transformational Bodywork Program at TIBIA Massage School in Madison, WI in 2011. During this program, I developed my ability to support transformation using intuition, energy, and various massage techniques. Since completing the IntuAction Program at WhiteDoor in 2014, I incorporate intuitive support into my bodywork, offering opportunities for healing, insight and empowerment that can generate peace within yourself, your relationships, and your way of living in the world.
I maintain professional society membership and liability insurance through the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA).