Happy Travels

Pen & ink with watercolor by Heather Maxwell

My oldest daughter, parents, and oldest niece are traveling to Zambia. Africa is a long way away. They left yesterday and it will be tomorrow morning before they reach their final destination in Livingstone, Zambia. It has been an adventure already. Their flight out of Atlanta was delayed 16 hours due to engine trouble just before takeoff. I’m so grateful the trouble was discovered before rather than after takeoff.  The airline put them up in a hotel, but decisions were made so late that it was 2:30am before they were checked into a room. Take two went much more smoothly and they are now well into the 15 hour flight to Johannesburg.

They will be gone two weeks. The first part of the trip they will stay a ten minute walk from Victoria Falls where my father will participate in and the girls will observe an international conference on pulses. The second part of the trip they will travel to Zimbabwe to go on safari.

I created this pen and watercolor sketch today in honor of their trip. May they be safe and may they be inspired by their adventures.

This design will be available soon on our Etsy shop.