Gratitude for Thoughtful, Generous People

DoodleKids  drawing of person grateful for thoughtful, generous people like you



I know many people who are practicing a ‘thankful November’. I love opening Facebook and seeing so many posts about people’s gratitudes. I have been cultivating an active gratitude practice for two years now. Over time I have noticed how this practice helps me to experience more joy and how I have shifted away from negativity. My goal was to write down three gratitudes a day relevant to that day. So many days are so ordinary, that at first I thought that it would be hard to come up with new ones every day. But I soon discovered that my worries were completely unfounded, and that many days I wrote down not just three, but often over ten gratitudes. It is a simple but powerful practice.

Recently a woman in my neighborhood gave me 14 years worth of National Geographic Traveler magazines. I am so excited to use them as source material for my collages. I made the above DoodleKids drawing for the cover for a thank you note I sent her to express my gratitude for her thoughtfulness and generosity.

For whom or what are you grateful today?