Gratitude for YOU, my reader

Thanks zentangle by Heather Hawk Maxwell

Social media and technology seem to have taken hold of the New Year, just as they have infiltrated everything else. So, this week and last I have been receiving personalized ‘2015 In Review’ summaries.

For example, WordPress tells me that you were joined by nearly 4,000 people when you visited the Create Thrive Grow website this past year. Wow! Thanks for your interest and your support!

Having trouble imagining yourself in a crowd of 4,000 people all visiting my website? Wordpress can help with that. They informed me that it would require 60 San Francisco trolley cars to accommodate all these people. It feels even a more impressive to me if I imagine how many blocks long the line would be if all these trolley cars lined up end to end.

Believe it or not, in spite of this awesome success, there are days when I have let myself entertain doubting thoughts that go something like this, “why should I even bother posting this blog. No one will see it and no one will care anyway.” But, now I have a great comeback – “Remember that long line of San Francisco trolley cars! People ARE seeing your art and and your work IS making a difference. Keep creating!”

So, my commitment to you, my faithful follower, is that I will continue to show up regularly. I intend to create and share even more art, even more regularly, than last year.

If you know anyone you think would enjoy or benefit from my work, I invite you to share this post and direct them toward the Create Thrive Grow website. Together, we will make it be an awesome year! Thanks for your support and for your help spreading the word.

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