Good Medicine

mandala by Heather Hawk Maxwell

For me, art is good medicine. It is a path to mindfulness. It is a way for our unconscious to connect with our conscious.

I like to explore the balance between the part of us that yearns for playfulness, freedom, wild abandon and the part of us that finds comfort in order, control and structure. I explore the perfection within imperfection, the balance within imbalance, the stillness within chaos, the comfort within discomfort, new perspectives within familiar ideas.

The circular form of mandalas is the framework within which I choose to experiment. Like my art, mandalas represent the ever expanding universe as well as the journey inward toward our center.

My art is informed by listening to the universe and to my inner wise self. My pieces evolve as I play and explore. It is always a joyful surprise to see how they turn out and to witness the messages of insight and healing that show up.

Sometimes a theme shows up for me and I meditate on this theme as I create my work. Other times the nugget of an image appears, and the messages come through later as the piece progresses or even long after it is complete.

This approach to my art encourages me to stretch and grow as I practice finesse with my pen and ink, letting go with my watercolors, and ever increasing awareness through deep listening.

This Saturday, August 13, I will be at Art in the Mill Park in Paoli. Come find me in booth #24. I look forward to seeing you there!