Free Flow is Available

Free Flow: fresh air for tough times by Heather Hawk Maxwell

I am super excited to announce that my book, Free Flow: fresh air for tough times, is now available either directly through me or through Amazon.

Origin of Heather Maxwell's book, Free Flow: fresh air for tough times
We all know feeling stuck. We all know bad days. We all benefit from having a companion to provide fresh air during tough times.

Free Flow stems from a commitment I made to myself to notice when I felt good and when I felt bad for 100 consecutive days, and to draw what I observed. Patterns emerged. I noticed that the drawings I created one day helped to support me on other days. Then I noticed that my drawings applied to other people as well. When I began to share my creations, people loved how my drawings and meditations supported them. Many people asked me to gather my work together in a book. Free Flow is the result.

Sometimes we are ‘in the flow.’ Life is going well and we feel good about ourselves. But other times our experience shifts and we start to struggle. We feel like there is no air to breathe. Free Flow offers a breath of fresh air. It is a trusted companion, there to support you as you find your way back to life’s open spaces, full of infinite possibilities. Through its playful drawings and bite-size meditations, Free Flow will empower, encourage and inspire you to navigate life’s challenges with increased grace and ease.


Sample drawing from Free Flow: fresh air for tough times by Heather Hawk Maxwell
Pages are presented in pairs with the left-facing page suggesting an observation and the right-facing page offering a bite-sized meditation to help bring the observation to life.

Life happens one moment at a time and change happens one choice at a time. So, rather than being filled with thousands of words like most books, Free Flow offers a breath of fresh air. Each page contains a drawing and a few words pointing toward a single thought, chunks that we can absorb the same way that life unfolds.










Practice makes perfect
Shift requires practice. When we work in small chunks, we increase our chances of success.

When baby birds hatch, they are blind and without feathers. But one worm, bug, or caterpillar, and one wing flap at a time, they transform into creatures that fly through the air with grace and ease.

Like a baby bird learning to fly, with regular practice, you too can learn to experience greater flow. Each page offers an opportunity to practice. Try reading a page when you get up, before you go to bed, or during any moment you are struggling.








When I listen to my thoughts, I strengthen my power to shift my experience
Personalize the pages to make not only the book, but also the ideas, your own.

When stickiness is present in our lives, bu unconscious, it rules us and we are powerless to change. Freedom comes from noticing.

The power of Free Flow lies in making it your own. Add color to the images while you listen to your thoughts. What is your reaction? Make notes or add your own drawings.


Intrigued? Get your own copy of Free Flow: fresh air for tough times today, either directly through me or through Amazon!