Found Time

Unexpected waiting means unexpected sketching opportunity

I don’t know anyone that has never struggled with having enough time to do what they want to do or what needs to be done. We all wish we could have 25 hours a day when the rest of the world remains at 24 hours. Of course life doesn’t work this way and so we are left to our struggles.

Last week was one of those moments for me. I was hitting a wall. I wanted nothing more than a quiet week alone to myself to rejuvinate. Instead, we had a busy week of college visits planned with my 17 year old daughter. And my parents would be on the trip as well, adding another layer of complexity to the week.

Before the trip even started, I “found” time for me. My mom was closing her suitcase when the zipper broke. We were already ready to go, so we found ourselves waiting while she transferred her things to another suitcase. I was not bored. I was not frustrated at the delay. Instead I celebrated. I had just “found” time. I got out pen and paper and sketched a pear that was waiting to be eaten. It isn’t significant that I sketched – I could have knitted, or sung a song, or done yoga, or written a journal entry. The point is I was treated to a moment to do something that fed me that I hadn’t expected.

Keep your eyes open for those unexpected gifts. I used to dread those “dead” moments of waiting as much as the next person, but now I have transformed them in my mind to relish them as moments of “found time.”