forgiveness mandala by Heather Maxwell

Forgiveness can often slip into feeling heavy and serious. What I particularly love about how this mandala ultimately came together is how active, playful and happy it feels. And I love how the mandala reminds us that these things are very much a part of forgiveness.

For this mandala I had the word forgiveness in mind from the start. One of my followers requested forgiveness as a theme for a mandala (I am always open to requests. Email me at with your ideas). When I approach mandalas this way, I meditate on the word first. Often a nugget of an image comes to mind during this process, but I never know how it is going to come together until the mandala is complete. In this case, involved a flower with petals dropping. The rest fell into place through intuition while I drew.

To see some of my creative process in action, check out this time-lapse video.


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