Finding Inner Strength in Unexpected Places

mandala by Heather Hawk Maxwell

As I settle into my chair, I open myself to finding inner strength in unexpected places. I allow this power to heal me.

I notice my feet touching the floor, my sit bones supporting me, the sensation of clothes on my skin. I notice my chest rise and sink as I breathe in and out.

As I breathe in, I feel the connection to the trees, flowers and grass. I feel the energy from the sun, that the plants have used and now pass along to me.  I open myself to the lightness, joy and abundance they gift me.

On my next breath in, I feel the connection to my ancestors and all those who have walked this earth before me. The oxygen molecules they breathed are the same ones I breathe today, cycled back and forth between humans, animals and plants for millions of years. As I breathe, I open myself to their wisdom.

On my next breath in, I pay attention to the many things my body takes care of without my having to think. I honor my body’s ability to monitor, to regulate, and to fix itself when things go wrong. From my body, I receive resilience, persistence, and nurturing attention.

Continuing to breathe, I notice my connection to the earth below me and the universe above. I feel the solidness of the earth’s core anchoring me to the ground. And I feel the tug from the moon and the stars opening and expanding my being. I soak in centered expansiveness.

I open myself to these powerful sources of strength. I am am filled with light, joy, abundance, wisdom, resilience, persistence, nurturing and centered expansiveness. I allow this power to heal me and I give thanks.


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