Favorite Day of the Week

colorful rainbow collage of hands with text "Massage Day is my favorite day of the week"

What is your favorite day of the week? How do you feel on this day? Physically? Emotionally?

On my favorite day of the week I feel at ease in my body. My body feels relaxed and pain free. When I move, my body flows easily. I sleep well. I am happy, grounded, inspired, patient, resilient and encouraged. Pretty awesome huh?

This is why my favorite day of the week is Massage Day!

Just to clarify, I am not advocating for weekly massages, although given unlimited time and money, it would sure be nice. More like, on weeks that I receive massages, the day I receive my massage is definitely my favorite day of that week.

When will you be receiving your next massage? Don’t have one scheduled? Luckily that is easily remedied by contacting me at 608-233-8569 or joyfulhawk@att.net.