zentangle line pattern  and color pencil practice I have been in project mode for awhile now – both finishing projects that you will hear about soon and starting new ones. When I dive into projects, I dive deep, especially when the glimmer of the end is in sight or I am stretching my growth edge.

It’s been hanging over my head for a while now that all these projects have held me back from posting on my blog. I tell myself stories like “wait to share until this project is done” and “wait to share until you have learned more”.

And so over a month has passed since I last shared. Today I am finally realizing and accepting the value of sharing the experimenting. We don’t start out good at things. There is always lots of experimenting and practicing.

We all to often hide until we think we are really good, but since we can always be better we struggle with when are we good enough to share. And because we don’t usually share until we think we are really good, sometimes we are frozen from ever trying because we just see the ‘really good stuff’.

So, in the interest of being open about my process and encouraging you to learn new things and not be discouraged by the learning curve, here are a couple of my recent experiments.

I have been learning new patterns, so I have been creating drawings with just one or two patterns to focus on practicing the one pattern. They are quite simple but I am finding they have their own charm and appeal. Some turn out terribly and I simply move on, but other times I am pleasantly surprised.

What are you practicing or learning right now? Do you hold back on being willing to share? Is this a good thing or are you withholding a gift from others? Is there beauty and value even in your experiments?

Now go have a conversation with your ‘not good enough’ voice, and find the courage to share. You will be glad you did.