mandala by Heather Hawk Maxwell

Recently I turned to drawing to rejuvenate after a challenging day. I was super tired and stretched beyond my limits. Usually if I focus on just one step at a time, one section and one pattern will flow to the next and as it does I feel stress flow out of my body. But this particular day I was apparently stretched beyond resilience.

So I thought out of the box. First, because the blank page felt overwhelming, I decided to work smaller – 8×8 rather than my usual 12×12. Next, I turned to a book of patterns I have. I opened the book randomly and without thinking or analyzing picked out the first three patterns that leaped out at me. The fourth pattern came to me while I was drawing – as I came back to center and my ability to listen returned.

The above mandala, which I call ‘Expanding’, is the result. I was not trying to create any particular image as I drew and painted this mandala. I love that to me it looks like an expanding universe and that while I creating it, I was playing with expanding my ability to bounce back more easily and gracefully from an overextended state.

How are you growing and expanding today?


Expanding is available for purchase. If interested, contact me at joyfulhawk@att.net.