Enjoying Passions in Many Ways

my trusty birding cap

I love to bird. Two years ago I was lucky enough to go birding in Guatemala, where I was super excited to see a horned guan, along with over 100 other new awesome birds. My souvenir cap that I got from the nature reserve has become my trusty birding cap, and can be found on my head whenever and wherever I go birding. I wonder what birds my cap and I will get to see this year?

I also like to draw and I am just starting a new class at Sketch Book Skool called Beginnings. Our assignment this week was to draw an object that has meaning to me. Spring migration is gearing up, so my trusty birding cap was sitting out on the table. In this sketch I tried to capture the vibrant forest greens that feed me when I’m birding (unfortunately my scanner didn’t translate them well from the original) and the familiar well-worn and loved feeling my cap gives me. It was fun to explore and experience my birding passion from a new perspective today.

What are your passions? In what new ways can you explore and experience them?