DoodleKids Story

DoodleKids are playful, serendipitous life vignettes designed to inspire, encourage and empower.

They evolved out of my journaling. I have journaled on and off for over 20 years. When I was young, these journals were limited to documenting what I did when. Over the last five years, they have taken on a new approach as my partner and I have experimented with journaling together. In this time we have filled over 15 journals exploring our emotions, our inner children, our sub personalities, etc. The typical format was handwritten words or glued in emails. Either way they were filled with words, words and more words. When I wanted to look back and find something, the search was tedious at best, impossible at worst.

DoodleKids drawing of what masks do you wear
one of the first DoodleKids illustrations

Headings and underlining started to creep in. Then one day my inner child wanted to play with colorful markers. My joy factor as well as searching ease increased exponentially. Color was here to stay. And then I realized that when I wanted to look back, often it was because I was looking for reminders to encourage, empower or inspire me. Often this would be when I was feeling small or down about something. When I am feeling like this, I don’t want to read a whole book – overwhelming for a slow reader like myself, and since I am a visual person I don’t just want words – they all too often go in one ear and out the other literally. What I really wanted was a single page that had brief words and an image to pull it all together and make it memorable.

I was unaware of anything like this existing, so I decided the answer was to give myself permission to experiment and create what I was looking for. I have no art training whatsoever and I have been told my whole life I am not an artist. But I am also open to learning to do new things to achieve my goals. And so my journal entries started taking on a whole new look – brief words and questions accompanied by simple drawings. I surprised myself with how much they spoke to me. Then I started showing them to friends and clients and they were excited too. When clients came for appointments, many wanted to see what new illustrations I had created since they were last here.

Soon people began to ask when I was going to publish them. And so DoodleKids were born.