Create the Life You Want

rainbow DoodleKids collage

Each day we have the opportunity to choose to create ourselves. How we choose to experience each moment is up to us. It all depends on the stories we tell ourselves. Shift the story… shift the experience.

What experiences will you create for yourself today?

I am creating joy by doing what I love. I just finished my second DoodleKids book, Finding Rainbows: re-discovering light during dark times. A similar version to the image above appears in the book, accompanied by the following words:

Within these bright, living colors
miracles are waiting to happen and
possibilities are endless.

Magic is present in every moment.

Awe… Wonder… Perfection…
Anticipation… Expectation…
Looking for light…


I want to publish this book to be able to make it more broadly available to support people who are struggling with grief. If you, or someone you know, has experience with publishing ‘art’ books where color and quality of images is important, I would love to hear from you. Please contact me at

Also, if you are in Madison, WI, this image is available for purchase as an art print. Please contact if interested.