Connect to Center

Mandala by Heather Hawk Maxwell

Most Robins head south for the winter to warmer climates with better food supplies. But a few stay. This morning it is only 1 degree Fahrenheit outside. A robin took refuge on our heated bird bath.

In spite of the cold days, the birds know the days are getting longer again. This has them thinking about spring. Last week on a walk, I heard chickadees, blue jays and red-bellied woodpeckers calling loudly to begin to establish their spring territories.

This time of year when I am looking forward to spring, the birds help me to see change and progress in that direction long before the snow melts, the days get warmer, or the tulips bloom.

Breathing in, I connect to MY center.

Breathing out, I connect to EARTH’s center.


This mandala will be available soon both as a card and as a print. Check it out at our Etsy shop or an upcoming art fair.