Certainty – Be Careful What You Ask For


Many of us struggle with uncertainty. We read books. We see therapists. We meditate. We pray to have more certainty in our lives.

But yesterday I decided certainty is over-rated. You see, yesterday morning when I woke up, I knew that at 2:30 Cloud, our 12 year old mini poodle, would die. Three days ago the vet discovered a softball size tumor in his abdomen. Two days ago the symptoms progressed rapidly enough we made the tough decision that the time had come. And so we scheduled an appointment with an awesome vet that comes directly to your house.

I created the above selfie for my Sketchbook Skool assignment while I waited. Pretty well sums up what I was feeling.

The vet was wonderful and the process was peaceful, although of course sad. It was definitely the right thing to do, but I will remember this moment the next time I am struggling with uncertainty and tempted to bargain with the universe for some certainty.

CloudEverything is too raw for there to be more words. We love you and miss you so much Cloudy, silly quirks and all. Rest in peace Old Man.