Free Flow: fresh air for tough times by Heather Hawk Maxwell

Sometimes we are ‘in the flow.’ Life is going well and we feel good about ourselves. But other times our experience shifts and we start to struggle. We feel like there is no air to breathe. Free Flow offers a breath of fresh air. It is a trusted companion, there to support you as you find your way back to life’s open spaces, full of infinite possibilities. Through its playful drawings and bite-size meditations, Free Flow will empower, encourage and inspire you to navigate life’s challenges with increased grace and ease.

How to Get Your Copy

Free Flow is currently available directly from Heather,  through Amazon , or at Tuvalu Coffeehouse & Gallery.

What People are Saying About Free Flow

“Free Flow is a breath of fresh air. It’s playful and at the same time carries such sweet wisdom and down to earth pointers so we can go through life’s little bumps with a light step. It’s definitely a feast for the eye to behold.” – Nitsa, PhD, East West Psychology

“My daughter came down to breakfast very early Saturday morning just before going to take the SAT. She said: “This is exactly the right book for the occasion!” She enjoyed breakfast, along with some much needed “fresh air for tough times.” I think this book might have a niche: stressed out teen test-takers. It is also perfectly well suited to those who find joy in whimsy and simplicity, remembering to breathe through the day-to-day.” – Alisa, English Professor, College of Marin

“Easy for adults and kids alike, to read, understand, and enjoy.” – Kiersten, young mom of lively munchkins

“This is a wonderful, empowering, and beautiful book! Exactly what I was looking for. I like how it’s organized into sections by theme (for instance, Explore, Connect, and Dream) . I also like the two-page format, where the left side suggests an observation and the right side offers a meditation to help bring that observation to life. Therefore, it can be opened up anywhere at random and/or you can choose a section/theme that applies to your need, or you can read it consecutively day by day. Sometimes I read just one pair that applies to my day/question in my mind, and other times I read a few pairs at a time. The drawings and words are both simple and complex–bringing light into the darkness–very accepting, inclusive, joyful, a very positive, creative, inspiring, wise and hopeful book.” – Kate, A courageous person seeking support for tough times

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