Letting In All That Is Healing

mandala by Heather Hawk Maxwell

There are times when the world can feel like a we/them kind of place. We are prone to feeling small, vulnerable, and under attack. This mandala targets supporting those tough times when thoughts about giving up creep in. As you breathe out, feel all that is harmful receding away from you into the distance. As you breathe in, feel yourself being filled with warm, healing light.

I made this mandala for my wife’s birthday, which was last week. She faces significant health challenges. A year and a half ago, she could no longer work. Most of the time, she maintains an inspiring sense of optimism and perspective. But every so often everything just feels like too much. She feels like she is at the mercy of doctors, who at times appear to not take her seriously. This mandala is a reminder that even when doctors hesitate to make diagnoses, put off treating symptoms, or dig in their heals and point fingers at other doctors, no one can ever take away what is inside us. We always have the power to tap into our body’s natural desire to be whole and complete and heal.

Breathing Out I am protected from all that is harmful

Breathing In I let in all that is healing

Let it be so


This mandala is available as a card and print in our Etsy shop.