DoodleKids drawing of girl in woods surrounded by colorful birds with the caption Abundance

Show up.
Shine your light.
Do things in a way that works for you.
Make magic happen.
~Leonie Dawson

Do this and I promise abundance will follow!

This is how it worked for me yesterday. I grew up believing I wasn’t and artist and that art and writing were things people might do for fun, but they aren’t things that people do to support themselves successfully in a financial sense. So, when my journaling started coming out as DoodleKids, I saw it strictly as personal therapy. But then I kept finding myself in conversations where I would be reminded of this or that drawing I had done. Eventually I got up my courage to share my drawings with people when this happened and the response has been amazing inspite of my beliefs and expectations. People loved them and wanted more and encouraged me to share them more widely.

Yesterday I took another big step toward being able to do just this. I invested in a new high quality printer and high quality printer. They arrived about a week ago and yesterday I finally gathered up the courage and spent the day getting it all set up. (My inner critics that questioned the investment and questioned the quality and value of what I have to offer the world were quite active and managed to keep me frozen for several days)  The first thing I printed was an 8×10 version of the Abundance DoodleKids poster pictured above. It turned out phenomenally! The colors absolutely pop off the page and images are incredibly crisp and clean.

I purposefully chose abundance as the first thing to print because it represents my dream for experiencing abundance in my life and in my business with my clients and with my DoodleKids. I love playing. I love experimenting. I love sharing. And I love making a difference.

This poster is my first experiment with combining DoodleKids with photographs. What fun to create whole new worlds, based in reality. In this case, the picture is one I took in Tennessee this last spring on our trip to the Smoky Mountains. The feeling in my body when I think of abundance is the feeling I have when I am surrounded by hundreds of beautiful, colorful birds.

I am so excited to be able to share my work with the world, now not only through the internet, but I can print amazing high-quality prints with my new Epson Artisan wide format printer and polar matte paper from Red River paper company (big gratitude to Molly Hahn, founder of Buddha Doodles for her advice that guided me to these incredible products). There is nothing like top notch equipment and materials to create top notch products. I can now print stunning greeting cards in two sizes, 8×10 art prints and 11×17 posters!

I can’t wait to get set up to to do the whole e-commerce and mailing thing to be able to have you be able to choose to surround yourself with inspiring, empowering and encouraging DoodleKids with the click of a few buttons. If you have experience with this and want to be part of a great team bringing DoodleKids to the world, I would love to hear from you at joyfulhawk@att.net. I can’t wait to share abundance with you!