100 Happy Days: Happy Day 84 – Success

Success and happiness are rooted in following our passion


Today I do not let “should” rule my life.

Should has everything to do with someone else’s vision for my life,
and nothing to do with being in alignment with my authentic self.

My passions are embedded in my authentic self.
This is where my unique gifts to the world shine.
When I align myself with authenticity
I resonate with my unique frequency,
increasing its amplitude.

This increased amplitude feels good.
I want more. Others want more too.
This is when people are drawn to me
and I make a difference in the world.
This is when I am happy and successful.

When I try to be something I am not,
the amplitude of my resonating is very low.
No one wants to be around that. Not even me.

I am committed to the expression that is uniquely me.
I am committed to following my passions
and making a difference.
In doing this, I am happy and successful.


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