100 Happy Days: Days 49-50

Zentangle - gardening day

Happy Day 49: My girls worked with me in the yard and garden today. It was wonderful to have help so that all the work didn’t feel quite so overwhelming. It was also nice to have company and not feel like I had to choose between being with family and working in the garden.









Zentangle - What do you love so much that you would get out of bed every morning and do it for free?

Happy Day 50: It’s hard to believe I have reached the half way marker in 100 days. Today was another gardening day. Gardens are never ‘done’, but today I ‘finished’ the garden next to the garage that was transforming the space along the garage deeply rutted by the excavating backhoe brought in last fall to dig out the egress windows. See Happy Day 35 for beginnings of working on this project. The soil has been flattened, stepping stones placed, plants planted. It is now a newly planted beautiful shade garden.

The Zentangle in my drawing was loosely inspired by all the different textures of the new plants. The quote is from a lecture by Molly Hahn, creator of Buddha Doodles, that I listened to while doodling. It leaped out at me as ‘use these words with your drawing’. So I listened without questioning how or if they fit together.

I got to garden enough this weekend that I was re-energized. I loved all the outside time. I love nurturing spaces and I love how beautiful the gardens looked when I called it quits for the weekend. I was present to how important it is to do things that we love and that feed us. And this is exactly what Molly’s quote speaks to as well.

I am also loving developing my daily drawing practice and sharing it with others. I am loving the difference that people are telling me that it is making in their lives. I am not getting paid to draw or to share, but I look forward to doing it every day. I have no idea where this will all lead, but I do know that my motivation is passion for doing things that feed me and make a difference for others.


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