100 Happy Days: Days 47-48

DoodleKids - It's important to spend time with our inner children

Happy Day 47 – The insecure voices of my inner children were prevalent today. Just like real small children, their voices get louder and they act out more when they don’t receive the attention they need. It is an on-going process to learn to love and nurture them and to keep them from getting triggered.








DoodleKids - not my circus, not my monkey

Happy Day 48: A story that was told to me today about not taking on other people’s stuff. I liked the expression and the image it brought to mind – made me smile.

I’ve never drawn a monkey before. So, I turned to the power of google to find a reference picture to help out. My inner child was particularly pleased with the image of Curious George at the circus that came up in my search.







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