100 Happy Days: Days 36-38

We all love, we all grieve, we all dream zentangle mandala

Happy Day 36: A day of beautiful, meaningful interactions. We hired a woman to wash our windows who was trying to earn money to pay her rent so she wouldn’t be evicted. She’s working hard to raise her three grandchildren. She loves her grandchildren so much. She grieves for some of the poor choices her daughter has made. And she dreams of a better future for her whole family.

We also saw a friend I hadn’t seen in a long time. He maintains a beautiful garden outside Art Gecko. He loves plants and creating beautiful spaces. He grieves losing his mother this past winter. He dreams of a world where people treat each other and spaces around them with respect.






Everybody needs beauty as well as bread. -john muir

Happy Day 37: I had a long day inside giving massages to employees of a downtown company for their marvelous Monday initiative. It was wonderful to get outside and sit by the lake for lunch, soaking in the blue sky, breezes, bird calls and beauty of the lake. I got both beauty and bread for lunch, giving healing and strength to both my body and soul.








the world is full of awesome creatures

Happy Day 38: When I sat down on a bench in the shade behind the Quarry Arts building, a really cool metallic green beetle joined me.










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