100 Happy Days: Days 30-33

We are all one zentangle mandala

You are my sunshineJoy, Love, Create, Play zentangle mandala

Happy Days 30a, 31, 33: This summer the city’s sidewalk improvement/repair program is targeting our neighborhood. Several sidewalk squares in front of my house are being replaced and I walk past many other affected stretches while I am out walking my dog.

Both while I am with my clients and while I am out walking, thoughts have entered my mind about how cool it would be to drawing positive affirming messages in the new wet cement. Being a rule following type, I did not actually do it, but I did draw some of the images and words for my Happy Days project. Wouldn’t it be neat to encounter encouraging and inspiring reminders like these as we walked along?


9th and 11th grade here we comeHeidi made cupcakes to celebrate end of school year

Happy Days 30b, 32: Josephine graduated from 8th grade, so both my girls will be in high school this fall. After Heidi finished her last day of school, she made red velvet cupcakes to celebrate. She even offered me the first one. So happy and proud of my girls.