100 Happy Days: Days 26-29

happy day 26 - same sex marriage ban in WI ruled unconstitutionalHappy Day 26: This was the first of several days in a row marking big milestones. Judge Barbara Crabb issued her 88-page ruling declaring the same-sex marriage ban in Wisconsin unconstitutional. And she denied the application for an emergency stay. Now van Holland will appeal for a stay to the Federal District Court in Chicago. At first, just Dane and Milwaukee counties were issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, but now many other counties have joined in.

We went to Iowa last fall to get married. For now it looks like Wisconsin is recognizing our marriage. Goes without saying this is a happy thing!!!






happy day 27- top secret project for my parents 50th anniversary Happy Day 27: My parents celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary this month. I have enjoyed creative time working on a special top secret project to honor this milestone. Can’t say anymore here about it because I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag.









happy day 28-you are blessed and you are a blessingHappy Day 28: In yet another significant milestone, we celebrated Tisha Brown’s last day as pastor and teacher at Community of Hope UCC, culminating 10 years of service. Tisha has supported me through times of struggle, has encouraged me to spread my wings and fly, has taught me a lot about compassion and authenticity.

Tisha is moving on from fulltime work as a pastor in order to create space for her passion and gift in music. It feels great to have others on a similar journey to me making leaps of faith to grow dreams and make a difference in the world.

Although the service was about Tisha, in her typical style, she gave so much to all of us present. We each had the opportunity to come forward for her to annoint us with essential oils and remind us that we are blessed and are a blessing. So many beautiful tender moving moments.

My 16-year-old, who normally is firmly not a fan of essential oils, was moved and participated, commenting, “Sometimes you have to make exceptions.”

Tisha, thank you for your amazing gifts to the world. I am excited to see the next steps in your journey unfold.


Happy day 29- sometimes you have to give up the life you had planned to have the life you have nowHappy Day 29: With so many significant milestones in the last couple of days, I have been reflecting a lot about life over the years, all the many changes and how happy I am to be where I am in this life adventure.

I have had the opportunity to work with my inner child, who can be determined to find examples to prove her disappointments growing up are terrible things and we should go back and have a redo. The things she holds on to are about the life she had carefully planned, all neat and orderly and fitting perfectly within exact boundaries.

My conversations with her have been about how I wouldn’t be the person I am today doing the really cool things I am doing, without having had those exact experiences that she is determined were less than perfect. We talk about how limiting these boxes can be and how difficult experiences aren’t fun, but they don’t definitively mean disaster and they ultimately can be the impetus for very positive developments. It is difficult times that nudge us to grow and transform. And we talk about how when she continues to hold on to wanting to go back to change a past that can’t be changed, she can’t be fully present to the wonderful life she has now.