100 Happy Days: Days 19-21

DoodleKids drawing of snuggling on the sofa with the girls

Day 19: It isn’t very often that with three teenagers in the house (Kailin is still away in Peru) that we manage to all be together at the same time. It was nice to curl up and watch The Fosters together.

DoodleKids drawing of breathing in the breath of trees

Day 20: We went on a birding fieldtrip to Devil’s Lake, led by friends Chuck and Delia. Being outside, in forests, next to flowing streams feeds my soul. Taoists talk about breathing in the breath of trees.

DoodleKids drawing of receiving native plants for our garden from a friend

Day 21: We have a friend who has an extensive native plant prairie garden. It was time for him to thin some of the plants, and he offered us some. So we showed up with our pots, filling them as he dug up overgrown, out of place plants. Tim couldn’t bring himself to just pull and compost these wonderful plants like Liatris, coneflowers, little blue stem. What an awesome win-win! He didn’t have to compost them and we got to fill in a big hole in our garden with beautiful native plants from a friend. Even got home and got them planted before the big storm hit.


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