100 Happy Days: Days 11-15

Happy day 11: looking at my DoodleKids gallery wall amazed at what I have created

Day 11: a day with no clients until mid afternoon opened up a big chunk of creative time. I was so energized and amazed. I have a gallery wall outside my treatment room filled with my DoodleKids art. The art inspires clients as they enter and leave the treatment room. And every time I walk by I stop and think, “Wow! I can’t believe I created all that!”

happy day 12a: relaxing by the lake after receiving a massage
Day 12a: this one pretty much speaks for itself. The really interesting part was that I had had no intention of going to the lake when I got on the massage table. I found myself saying it afterwards to my massage therapist almost like someone else was talking. I listened to my inner wise self speaking and went to a quiet secluded little park on lake Mendota I enjoy. Not only were the views peaceful, a friend of mine I hadn’t seen in some time was there, so I also received beautiful smiles and a fantastic hug.

happy day 12b: allow people to blossom through your art

Day 12b: I listened to an interview with John “Halycon” Styn, founder of Hug Nation. The theme was everyone is an artist and he encouraged listeners to allow people to blossom through their art. I love the image of people blossoming – opening and radiating color and beauty into the world. The other significant part of this is the allowing. If we don’t create the art and share it, people don’t have the opportunity to be inspired and encouraged by it to be able to blossom.

happy day 13: Leonardo da Vinci quote with zentangle art

Day 13: we planned to spend the Memorial Day weekend birding in Wyalusing State Park. We had hotel reservations in Prairie du Chien. I was so looking forward to rejuvinating time away from Madison with no kids or dogs and lots of nature. And there was my problem. I had an expectation. We did have a wonderful day exploring on Saturday, but Heather had a serious allergic reaction to the hotel room. We had waited until late to check in since we had reservations and by this time there wasn’t a single other hotel room in the area to be had. So we ended up with no option but to drive all the way back home, drained and exhausted by a long day with lots of driving. The lesson seemed to be work toward getting away more often so it is easier to not have hopes and expectations and if something falls through it is no big deal because there will be another opportunity soon.

happy day 14: be not afraid of growing slowly. Be afraid of standing still

Day 14: this was a day of regrouping. I sat with my disappointment in the morning but then went on a nice hike with Heidi and Duffy to Indian Lake County Park. It was a beautiful day and it was great to get out and move. There was happiness in noticing that I approached this day differently than I would have in the past. Still room for growth and transformation in dealing with my disappointment, but I was present to at least not “standing still.”

don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant
Day 15: everything continued to move in lurches and jerking halts through the weekend. I struggled with having been on such a high and filled with so much hope just a couple of days ago, only to feel so down and hopeless now. We were going to go explore a new natural area to us and do some birding, but this didn’t happen, just as things earlier in the weekend didn’t happen. Lots of practice at re-grouping and being flexible. This time I was able to re-direct much more easily and my gardens benefitted immensely as there are many fewer dandelions and thistles now.

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